We are ferrer

Environmental sustainability, including the issue of mobility, is one of the most important challenges that we face today as a society. Public administrations, citizens and private companies are the foundations on which sustainability must be built.  

The pharmaceutical industry has faced many changes and new regulations that aim to ensure excellence in its primary goal, improving patients’ lives. Although there is still a way to go, much has been achieved and the relationship between pharmaceutical companies and their partners, such as the authorities, healthcare professionals and consumers, is now very different. One area of important change has been scientific information.

Are you aware of how much your beliefs about yourself influence your day to day life and your future? And the ideas that you have about the people around you? How do they influence your surroundings? Your objectives? Your results?

Learning is everywhere, whether you’re looking for it or not. Every day brings a wealth of experiences that can take our knowledge and skills a step higher. The motivation and openness we have about what each day brings is crucial. Every one of us has a great potential for learning; our brain creates new connections every day. Stimulating your curiosity to learn new things is a habit that informs you professionally, nourishes you personally and improves your health. How can you manage this learning?

When you pour passion into your work and into your life, everything has more value. It creates interest, it gives meaning and it guarantees quality. Passion produces excellence; excellence gives satisfaction. It affects everything you do. In modern organizations it is, without a doubt, a key value. It has the power to transform, to convince and to commit. Transform attitudes, convince about projects and commit to missions, to challenges and to objectives. It is crucial to the pursuit of high performance.

The recognition, description and management of emotions is a challenge for the 21st century.

Ferrer is all about people. They inform everything we do. As such, equality and inclusiveness are fundamental to Ferrer. Our team is made up of people of diverse ages and backgrounds with different skills and experience. We are committed to the development of talent because we believe they are key to fulfilling our mission: to advance the well-being of society. So we actively promote the principals of progress, innovation and service in healthcare. Always based on respect and trust.