Passion: a corporate value

When you pour passion into your work and into your life, everything has more value. It creates interest, it gives meaning and it guarantees quality. Passion produces excellence; excellence gives satisfaction. It affects everything you do.

In modern organizations it is, without a doubt, a key value. It has the power to transform, to convince and to commit. Transform attitudes, convince about projects and commit to missions, to challenges and to objectives. It is crucial to the pursuit of high performance.

The search for talent is, rightly, seen as very important. But, in fact, without passion, without commitment, talent can achieve little. We have to look for talent, but then it must be nurtured in passionate, committed environments.

Many elements have to come together, such as your motivation, trust and skills, to produce the exothermic reaction that is passion.

Managers who fail to create a climate of openness, without realizing that talent needs passion to be effective, destroy high performance. And, as such, the competitive advantage that a talent-based organization can boast.

A leader - more than just a boss - who wants high performance, happiness, enthusiasm, positive thinking and teamwork, has to check the levels of passion around him.

For Ferrer, it is a key corporate value, because it triggers the others.

8 reflections for a manager-leader:

  • Are your colleagues doing what motivates them?
  • Do you support those who try? Do you trust them?
  • Do you care for and respect the talent around you by providing resources and making sense to their work?
  • Do you enjoy the happiness of others?
  • Do you know if your team is happy and passionate about their challenges?
  • Do you check their positivity, happiness and commitment, all essential to generating passion?
  • When you see passion, do you encourage it, protect it and develop it?
  • If you do not get passion back from others, what are you communicating?

5 reflections for yourself:

  • Do you know what motivates you?
  • When you are passionate about something, do you fight for it?
  • Have you tried doing things with a few extra drops of enthusiasm?
  • Have you seen how your passion transforms others?
  • Do you know the power that it gives you?

Put your passion to work!

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Eudald Parera Riera
Director Corporate Training