Polypill inThe Lancet

A series of articles on the cardiovascular polypill were published in March in The Lancet, one of the most important medical journals worldwide.The importance of making it easier to take medications, and so increase the quality of life of patients by reducing the number of doses that they take during their lifetimes in order to avoid further cardiovascular events, has a major impact on many levels, both economic and social. The Lancet has dedicated its editorial and two articles to assert the need for a cardiovascular polypill to reduce premature deaths from cardiovascular disease.Ferrer's mission is to "advance the wellbeing of society", which, together with our constant commitment to innovation, has led us to develop a cardiovascular polypill designed to help medical professionals and patients alike.The complexity of the treatment is fundamental, because the number of medications being taken by a patient per day is one of the main factors affecting adherence. A patient with a cardiovascular disease has to take more than four medications on average every day. Given that they may have other conditions that also require medication, it is likely that six, seven or eight medications are taken daily.The use of a polypill allows the patient to receive the same treatment but with fewer medications, which results in greater adherence and, consequently, better health and quality of life.Everyone wants patients to get the best possible treatment and so be well protected. And in Ferrer we will continue advancing the wellbeing of society.

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